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Jersey Art Exchange Teen Summer Camp

  • 114 Monticello Avenue Jersey City, NJ, 07304 United States (map)

The Jersey City Art Exchange (JAX) will be hosting summer workshops and classes for teens July 10-August 4.

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Guitar, Vocals, Bass Guitar, Drums & Music Production

All teens will learn basic history & background of rap, rock & pop music. Teens will learn to collaborate on music with other musicians. They will also choose to have individual instruction on guitar, drums, bass guitar, music production or vocals.



Computer technology experience and community building – Teens will learn: computer tech, digital file management and storage.

Our CYBER-SENIORS program adds to the important conversation about the growing generation gap. Teens will collaborate with a local group of senior citizens who wish to take their first steps into cyber-space.  Under the tutelage of teenage mentors seniors learn basic computer skills and their lives are enriched by digitally re-connecting with their families and each other.


YOUTH RADIO – Gentrification in Jersey City: an Online Story

Filmmaking, digital audio storytelling, inter-active online community building

We tend to talk about gentrification as one story: newcomers displace long-time residents, erasing history and disrupting culture in the process. But living through dramatic neighborhood change always brings up many stories. Those stories–from Jersey City’s people and places–are what this interactive is all about.

There’s a lot to disagree about when it comes to gentrification. But one thing seems beyond debate. If you’re new to a place, it’s good to know a thing or two about its history, which is what you’ll learn about here.



Virtual Reality Documentary

Learn the newest form of documentary storytelling using virtual reality

Teens will learn to use this new form of interactive media as an effective tool to promote social issues and to reach audiences through an immersive and interactive environment. Teens will work with professional filmmakers to create a documentary about their neighborhood. VR has become known to evoke empathy in audiences due to the guided experience that allows the viewer to feel like they are physically in a new environment. The final films hope to create an insightful and emotive story of their neighborhoods unlike anything that has been created before in Jersey City.